The main focus of OÜ Alfa Wagons is freight transportation by rail, lease of cars, loading operations, drawing up of documents, and customs clearance procedures. Our company successfully operates throughout Europe, the Russian Federation, the CIS, and Central Asia.

Because the European Commission White Papers include a target to reduce CO2 emissions and bring down Europe‘s dependence on fossil fuels, the decision has been taken to provide 50% of transportation by either rail or sea. To this end, we are actively looking for new markets and partners in Europe that require not only our advanced and environmentally compatible transportation services, but also our experience in the markets of Eastern Europe, the CIS and Central Asia.

Multimodal transportation stands for mixed transportation by various modes. OÜ Alfa Wagons offers combined transportation services by land, air, and water, small freight transportation, and door-to-door deliveries.

Multimodal transportation calls for not only an effective combination of various modes, but also comprehensive services associated with freight traffic — warehousing, transshipment, tracking, and process coordination. Building on our experience and solid partnership relations OÜ Alfa Wagons is capable of effectively implementing complex logistics projects in a cost effective manner while ensuring compliance with top quality standards.